Cake Information and Pricing Guide

Please note that this list is to be used as a guide only to give you an indication on basic costs before you contact me. Prices listed below may change without notice so please contact me directly for an accurate quote.


Muds - white, dark, milk(Vanilla) or marbled.

Orange & Almond


Red Velvet

If you have a favourite then just ask as I'm happy to expand my menu!!

All my cakes have a layer of ganache on top of the cake to provide a smooth surface for the fondant. I don't tend to encourage buttercream icing underneath fondant as it is not as stable in Brisbane's heat and could cause the fondant to bubble. 

The prices listed below are an indication only. They include the icing of the cake and the cake board on which it sits as well as ribbon around the edge of the cake board. A "Happy Birthday"or similar message, or a name, age number or candles can be applied to the cake or cake board as well.

All cakes will be boxed so they wont get damaged in transit.



6" cakes with plain/coloured icing - start at $130.00

8" cakes with plain/coloured icing - start at $150.00

10" cakes with plain/coloured icing - start at $180.00

Additional cost for each figurine - $20.00 - $25.00

Separately purchased figurine (when not ordering a cake) - $30.00#

# Does not include wedding couples which are tailored for the bride and groom and which take hours of loving care to create. Wedding figurines start at $120 per loved-up-couple!!  

Please note that if the cake design is more intricate then the price may increase. Also, if a lot of fondant is required (for example - the Bear and Blocks Christening Cake required a lot more for the blocks) then the price may also be higher.

Example prices of 8" cakes from my photo galleries:

Christening cake with bear plus blocks $200.00

Pirate Ship cake (with pirates, treasure, shark fins) $200.00

Dora cake with Dora, Boots $200.00

Soccer cake with figurine and goalpost $175.00

Shooting Stars cake $170.00

Gerbera cake $160.00

These prices are accurate for what you see in each picture, however, should for example you like the Dora cake but not want Boots or the rainbow then the price will obviously be slightly lower! Please contact me directly so I can organise an accurate quote!! I'll do my best to help you.



Cakes evolve from a single idea or a particular theme. If you aren't sure of what you want then I will collect some basic information and then research some ideas for you. A little bit of consultation and I'm sure we can come up with a design that is perfect for your occasion.

Just because there isn't a picture here doesn't mean I can't do it!!



I dedicate many hours to each cake creation. The more notice I have the more time I can apply to your cake!  As a minimum I'd prefer 2 weeks notice but having a month is even better!! :-) 


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