"Hi Trina

What a cake!

You have outdone yourself.

Not only did we think it looked terrific but both the kids and the adults at the birthday party were entranced by it. ‘Can I touch it’, ‘is it real’, ‘is that sand’, ‘wow’, ‘is that real gold’, ‘is that a shark’. Everyone wanted to touch it – we had to keep hands (big and small) off it. It was like some magical picture that everyone was staring at with wide eyes. And it tasted great as well.

Thank you so much. It made an already great party even better. J


"Hi Trina

Just to let you know the cupcakes were a major success! Everyone was really impressed with the designs, the colours and the flavour and taste of the red velvet cake - many had never had this before so they loved the uniqueness!

Thanks so much for all your efforts in helping making my birthday night so special!

I will definitely recommend you and have already told a few people from the party about your amazing skills!



"... thank you, thank you, thank you for this amazing cake. It was a huge hit not only for it's amazing detail but also because it was super delicious!!!! You are very talented!!"  - Janet

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